DSPLab for Delphi


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DSPLab is distributed as shareware. If you want to order the sources of DSPLAB then click here.

DSPLAB version 2.05 for Delphi 4, Delphi 5, Delphi 6, Delphi 7 and Delphi 2006


Simple FFT demo
This demo shows how to work with FFT component. The program generates the signal and fills the FFT buffer with the data. Then the program calculates FFT and spectrum of signal. And finally, it displays the input signal and spectrum using TChart component.

Simple IIR Filter demo
This demo shows how to work with IIR Filter component to process realtime signal. The program generates a signal. The every value of signal is passed through the filter. The input and output values are displayed on the screen. Change the parameters of the filter and you will see the changes of filtered signal on the chart.

IIR Plot demo - Plot the frequency response of IIR filter
This demo shows how to plot the frequency response of IIR filter. You can change the parameters of filter and plot the frequency respomse on a chart.

This demo calculates the perfomance of IIR Filter and FFT.

Simple spectrum analyzer
This demo shows how to calculate the spectrum of recorded signal in realtime.

Simple player

This demo is simple sound player. This demo shows how to build a timbre block, graphical equalizer and spectrum analyzer. The timbre block uses IIR Filter components. The graphical equalizer uses FFT components and FFT convolution method to filter signal. The spectrum analyzer uses FFT components. Please see the source code of demos for more details.

Additional examples

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