DSPLab for Delphi


VST Plugin demo

This demo shows how to use DSPLAB inside VST-plugins. The DSPLAB_Timbre demo project is an implementation of the timbre block with lowpass (bass) and highpass (treble) filters. The plugin allows to change the cutoff frequency of the lowpass (50-500 Hz) and highpass (3-10 kHz) filters. The range of amplification from -20 db to +20 db for each filter. This demo uses a Delphi VST SDK library. Thanks to Frederic Vanmol (frederic@axiworld.be) for this work. Please visit to http://www.axiworld.be to get the latest version of the library.

Download sources of the VST-plugin demo (zip, ~77K)
The archive contains the sources of demo, Delphi VST SDK library and compiled plugin.